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I tried Reiki for my first time, with a bit of skepticism, but my session was incredible!  Nancy's awareness is exceptional and she touched places spiritually and emotionally that I was unaware of, yet were personal and special.  She was intuitive, soothing and knowledgeable. I am hoping to continue using Reiki with Nancy as a method of healing.
~ C.B., Denver, CO



I think you’re on to something…wow...sitting here working away at several projects, when I suddenly neck *totally* does not hurt! Wow...awesome...whatever it is, however it works, I don't know, I just know it worked!

~ S.J.L., Broomfield, CO (after receiving Reiki treatment from Nancy)




Welcome to Remedy Reiki. Boulder and Denver's place for healing and restorative Reiki treatments.


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive energy that enables the body to heal itself from physical, spiritual and emotional ailments.


Reiki has been shown to:

  • Create deep relaxation
  • Assist the body in releasing stress and tension
  • Boost the body's immune system
  • Aid in more deep and restful sleep
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Significantly reduce pain      
  • Remove energy blockages
  • Assist the body in cleaning itself from toxins
  • Raise the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Assist in spiritual growth and emotional clearing

As an experienced and intuitive Reiki Master, I offer Reiki treatments that focus on whatever issues need the most attention-- your Reiki treatment is always tailored to your specific needs surrounding your individual issues at that moment.


It is my strong belief that Reiki is a gift that should be easily accessible to others, and so I offer a sliding fee-scale, allowing for affordable Reiki Treatments in the Denver & Boulder, Colorado area without sacrificing experience, professionalism and knowledge. 


Please take a moment to peruse my website.  It is full of excellent information about Reiki as well as informative links and articles for those who want to research Reiki a bit more.

Nancy Fowler
Reiki Master & Teacher
Denver & Boulder Locations

"Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well."  ~Marcus Valerius Martial


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